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It’s amazing how you can live in an area all your life yet still be able to stumble upon some little unexplored corner. For me that was Eskrigg Nature Reserve, by Lockerbie. While visiting the Environment Fair in Dumfries the other week I came across the stall of the volunteers who look after the Reserve. After a brief chat I wandered off with a leaflet/map, and a determination to locate this place I’d obviously driven by many times and never noticed.

So today, in the drizzle of a dank Sunday afternoon in mid-March, I took myself and the map, up the road to Lockerbie. The map showed parking available at the Dryfesdale Cemetry, and indeed there was; and the entrance to the reserve was across the road from there. The way in was blocked to vehicles by way of a barrier that stretched across the road, which kind of suggested the place was closed. Yet there was a weathered sign up at the roadside saying the place was open.

I took a chance and walked off into the woods. The walk followed the Annandale Way for a short distance before veering off towards the Reserve. It was an easy walk to the pond, and at its edge there was a little hide with a good view of the water. Nearby someone had been busy putting up feeding stations for the local birds. There was a board on the wall where someone had listed the species (birds and animals) they had spotted that day, which included a red squirrel.

And I was not alone! It was a relief to spot someone else in the woods with me as I was beginning to think I was trespassing on private ground.  However, this was clearly not the case, and before I left the forest I’d come across four others. Thank goodness.

All in all, I’m glad I went to Eskrigg. It’s a pretty little Reserve tucked away in the woods. I’ll bet in the late spring / early summer the pond is alive with insect and bird life. For now, the world around it is only just beginning to reawaken after the harsh winter we have had.


Posted March 13, 2011 by Alan Clark in Annandale, Dumfries, Lockerbie, Nature, Reserve, Walk, Walking

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