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This is the bit where I show my philistine tendencies…

This morning I took myself to my local arts centre to see the latest couple of exhibitions. The main gallery rooms were hosting a random collection of artifacts, drawings and paintings created by artists from in and around this area. This is a precurser to the Spring Fling festival. Some of pieces I quite liked. Some I did not.

The stuff that really got me bamboozled was the abstract work by a sculpure and artist that was housed in the second gallery. Sometimes I feel I need a Rosetta Stone to unpick the meanings of these things. Without a way to access the language of these pieces of art the artist would have been as well leaving me with random splatterings of ink on canvas or scatterings of wood shavings on the floor. Oh wait… that’s almost what these things were today!

Still, the experience today was slightly better than my previous visit. Sitting in a darkened room watching a slide show of photographs by the local photography club, the lady sitting beside me dropped her head onto her chest and started snoring. I just had to get up and leave. It was either that or sit there sniggering…


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  1. Lol……I can remember one visit to Kelvin Grove, where I saw an amazing full size sculpture of an adult made entirely from wires, cogs,, junk metal etc…. round the corner I was ‘stunned’ to encounter a peice of curb stone attatched to a blank piece of canvas…

  2. I took friends to Drumlanrig Castle once. One of them was admiring a portrait of a nobleman (who may have been one of the King Jameses, but I can’t recall). My friend began telling the story of the painting – how that clasp ‘there’ meant this, and how the robe of that colour in that position meant that, etc, etc. It’s not just abstract stuff that needs a Rosetta Stone, but at least I could appreciate the portrait at my simple level!

  3. Im not a major art fan….but my all time great was Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross….saw that in Glasgow…standing in front of it was an amazing experience…felt like I could step forwards into the painting….
    Will have to make a concerted effort to attend local art exibitions!!!!! Could pick up an early origional of the next great master!!!!

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