Kirkconnell Flow Nature Reserve   3 comments

I took myself off to Kirkconnell Flow National Nature Reserve this afternoon. For those of you who don’t know where this Scottish Natural Heritage Site is, it lies just of the A710 slightly south of the turning for Mabie Forest and is located across the Nith from Glencaple.

There are a couple of easy, short walks through the forest and a larger path that goes around the Reserve. There are some picnic tables and a couple of benches for resting your wee feet if you think you’ve over-stretched yourself.

What makes this place so special is that it is a tract of an ancient ‘raised’ bog. There are some fabulous wet areas where the water is blood red from the peat, and other parts where it is definitely advisable to keep to the paths for fear of sinking into the marshy ground.

Again, this was early spring so much of the plant and animal life still hasn’t quite woken up yet, but it’s easy to see how the place would be a haven for various bugs and birds in the summer and autumn.


3 responses to “Kirkconnell Flow Nature Reserve

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  1. I think this is the spot which was swathed with wild blue bells last spring….really beautiful!

  2. It might be worth checking it out in a few weeks time then…

  3. well worth it…

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