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I’m not sure where this came from originally (though I know we played with it in our Writers Group) but it’s a fun creative writing exercise…

You need two characters.

Put the name of the first character down on a piece of paper.

Then spend five minutes listing what that person would be carrying. For example, what they are holding, what’s in their pockets, or what’s in their bag.

Then, on another piece of paper, write down the name of the second character, and repeat the process for another five minutes.

The next thing is to image a scene where these two characters meet for the first time. You should use the things they are carrying to guide you – include them in the passage if you can.

If possible try and set out the scene as a conflict between the two people.

Finally, sit back and admire your handiwork 🙂




Posted June 6, 2011 by Alan Clark in Dumfries Writers, Exercise, Writer, Writing

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  1. Judging from most of my characters; if I were to do that, one or both of them would end up either severely injured or dead. My characters know how to put up a fight.
    It’s a great exersize, though! Especially if you’re struck by writer’s block; using something like this is bound to help break free from it.

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