A Question of Titles   3 comments

Does anyone know which of these sentences is the most correct:

“Mr Smith went to the market.”

“Mister Smith went to the market.”

Would there be occasions when one form would be preferred over the other?




Posted June 10, 2016 by Alan Clark in Grammar, Question, Uncategorized, Write, Writer, Writing

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3 responses to “A Question of Titles

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  1. Ask yourself this : have you ever read a book where ‘Mister’ was used?

    • I think so. What was throwing me more was seeing ‘Mr’ at the start of an opening paragraph. It just looked odd somehow.

      • Yeah, ‘Mister’ is more directed to a formal rank or title. Possibly this relates to formal letter writing (think about school in the sixties with strict teachers) or bulletin messages in the military, but as far as I’m aware in novels or short stories, Mr is fine. Especially if it’s just ‘Mr X walked down the street’. Just my two cents.

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