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Writing Critique Partners   1 comment

I came across the idea of finding a critique partner while listening to a podcast from Helping Writers Become Authors (

This seemed like a brilliant idea – a different way to get a perspective on my writing, and to help others with theirs – and a good supplement to my monthly writers’ group meetings.

The podcast suggested that getting a critique partner whom you could trust was a hard, time consuming task. After all, you need to find someone you are comfortable with, so you can share ideas and criticisms without taking each comment as a personal insult.

I thought I’d pursue the matter further and so a quick search on the web took me to this great resource: which contains a list of online writing forums and critique communities, most of whom are free to join.

Having gone through the list, I delved into the ( workshops because the community there was started for science fiction and fantasy writers, and a lot of my work fits into those genres.

It was a simple process to register on the site. It involved picking a workshop (there are workshops covering different writing genres) and completing a short form to supply my contact details and a short bio. Once completed, I was rewarded with a username and password, and a commitment to critique a piece of work at least once a week. I’ve done this a couple of times already, and it’s a fun process. You have to remember to follow the critique response guides as you don’t want to be rude or discouraging to fellow writers, and there are a few style rules to follow, but you can’t really go wrong.

Next step for me is to submit a piece for critique, and then hold my breath and wait for the responses. As long as I keep submitting critiques back, then my piece should be reviewed a few weeks after submission.


Dalbeattie Writers’ Group   Leave a comment

I attended my second ever Dalbeattie Writers’ Group at the wonderful Nail Factory  on Tuesday night. This is a lovely venue, and came complete with coffee and cake, so I’m definitely won over.

There were only five of us at the seesion, including the Chair, Mary, and we had a wonderful chat that wandered between recitals of our recent work and discussions on the definition of Fairy Tales.

Email addresses were exchanged – something that hadn’t been done in the group before, for some reason – and a tentative process put in place for distributing work to each other for review before the next session. By doing this we aim to make it easier to offer advice on our work, having had time to consider it before the next get together.

Looking forward to the next meeting in April.


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