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I’ve just listened to the 335th podcast in the Helping Writers Become Authors podcast by KM Weiland, and very interesting it is too. I’ve been impressed by the quality of the information in this series since I came across it, but was particularly interested in this episode on Info-dumps where she outlines four different types of exposition a writer can succumb to when writing.

According to her, these categories are:

  1. Back story
  2. World building
  3. Technical
  4. Emotional

The emotional info-dump was new to me. KM Weiland defined it as when a character shares their state of mind, their emotions, or their current thinking. I found this interesting as an idea because I recognise that I’ve been guilty of writing this way from time to time.

So, I guess I need to set myself the task where of showing my way out of passages where I have the urge to share the emotions of my characters, so that readers can see the inner conflict, rather than being told about it. This might be harder than it sounds…




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I’m reading Writing Tools – 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark, at the moment. What a great book! I reckon my paperback will quickly become dog-eared through re-use.(ISBN: 978-0-316-01499-1)

I’d highly recommend it.

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